Welcome to my site! I’m Anina Collins, and I write mystery. My series is called The Poppy McGuire Series, and if you love whodunits with a touch of the romantic to them, then my books are for you! Six books are now available , with the seventh, The Finest Hour, coming on February 1, so go find out more (including seeing the covers and blurbs) on the Poppy McGuire Series page where my first series of books will call home and each book’s page, the Contact page if you want to get in touch with me, and the blog for posts. Follow me on Facebook too for all the latest details about my books! Thanks for coming by! Anina


Poppy turns to Alex Montero for help solving the murder of one of Sunset Ridge's most important citizens, but the enigmatic former Baltimore cop's quiet way hides as many secrets as each suspect they encounter. They'll have to watch out, so they don't become the next victims.

Things are heating up in Sunset Ridge, and it isn't just the July weather. Poppy and Alex discover the harsh realities of their small town after dark when a traveling salesman is murdered in his room at the Hotel Piermont, a common destination for cheating spouses on the outskirts of town.

The local morning shock jock is found shot to death in the woods outside of town, and Poppy and Alex have no shortage of suspects of who would want Lee Reynolds dead. This time, murder has brought with it a new love interest for Poppy, but Alex isn't happy with this turn of events.


Look for the final book in the Poppy McGuire Series, The Finest Hour, coming February 1!  Poppy and Alex are back for one last mystery!

Join Poppy and Alex for the final Poppy McGuire mystery!

For three years, Poppy and Alex have worked together solving cases in their small town of Sunset Ridge, first as just co-workers but later as partners in nearly every sense of the word. Now they're about to take the final step and become husband and wife, but in the midst of getting ready for what folks around town are calling the wedding of the year, the murder of someone involved in the preparations makes their plans go awry.

Samuel Morrow, the kind man who has run Morrow's Jewelers for over twenty years, is found murdered in an apparent break-in, and there's no shortage of suspects who may have had a reason to kill him. Oddly enough, something very valuable to Poppy and Alex is missing from his store too. Is the theft connected to the murder?

As they hunt for Samuel's killer, carefully eliminating suspect after suspect, they must juggle cake tastings and reception planning, as all the while someone's watching their favorite amateur sleuth. Will Poppy and Alex solve the case and reach the altar, or will the killer make their ever after far less than happy?