The Darkest Hour (Poppy McGuire Mysteries #4) is LIVE!

The Darkest Hour (Poppy McGuire Mysteries #4)


The 4th book in the Poppy McGuire series is here, and I’m thrilled to share this new installment with readers. In The Darkest Hour, Alex’s past is front and center, and Poppy has to deal with the ghosts he carries with him. I had an opportunity to delve deeper into their relationship, both professionally and personally, in this book, which I really enjoyed.

Poppy and Alex come up against their toughest case yet, and they may never be the same again.

When someone close to both Poppy and Alex is found brutally murdered, all the clues point to Alex as the killer. But Poppy knows in her heart that her partner could never commit such a heinous crime. As the evidence begins to mount against him, Poppy must race against the clock to prove that the man she trusts with her very life isn’t the murderer, even as everyone around her is convinced of his guilt.

But if Alex isn’t the killer, who is? As the mystery unravels, the past and present finally meet in Sunset Ridge.

Check out The Darkest Hour today! Click on the title to go to the book’s page for buy links and an excerpt. And be sure to check out all the Poppy McGuire mystery books!

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